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i had thought about the flip ups, but since i dont really see any optics going on there in the immediate future i liked the idea of having a fixed sight...this is more of a HD shtf type weapon and i just felt like irons would be a good start...i figure get good with iron sights and once the optics go on it should make things even easier...

thanks for the responses though...i ended up going with the DD a1.5 fixed rear as i have seen many positive reviews about it...

unfortunately i dont think i am going to have everything before thanksgiving so i probably will not actually get to pick up my lower until friday...but thats ok because my magazines and rear sight havent arrived yet...and i have no ammo...

that will be the next thing i buy...

but ill tell you, there really is no such thing as a budget build...without ammo i am already about 900 in to the gun with 10 magazines...but i did get 150 dollars cash back on my credit card!
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