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Congratulations. I feel the same way about Krags. I had one cut down sporter and I sold it. Luckily a friend of mine, another collector, who I often buy from just got an all original Krag carbine for only $400. I didn't see it yet, but he said its correct (I will have to verify). I guess I will get to see how much he likes me when he prices it to me. I think he will be fair though, because he usually is. You must have a nice wife btw, lucky you. My wife supported my gun "hobby" before she came to the conclusion that I was addicted and that I had a disease. Now she probably wants me to check into the Betty Ford Gun center.

I must say though: I notice you spell "Craig" as "Kraig" and you also spell "Krag" as in Krag-Jorgensen as "Kreg". At least you're consistent I guess
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