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Originally Posted by Seaman View Post
"I've never really liked the idea of having a shiny defensive handgun."


Recall a car-jacking in Houston. Driver was shot dead. After the perp was caught police asked perp why he shot the driver. Perp said he saw a flash and blasted away. Driver was pulling a bright, shiny semi-auto pistol.

Shiny guns are OK for collecting or for the range. For CCW duty a handgun should be blued/black.

I have a couple of shiny (stainless steel) carry guns. Took a spray can of Rustoleum and painted them flat black. The only time an assailant should see a CC handgun is when the muzzle is smokin.

My life is worth a can of spray paint. So is yours.

Check your 6.
Not sure that example would have turned out any different with a black gun. I wonder if the "motion" of drawing the weapon had anything to do with it
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