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Fuller’s Earth, Secondary Explosive Effect, and How Time Flies

Howdy, Foax!

I’m reliving “those famous days of yesteryear,” when reloading was once for me a compelling, daily routine. After a hiatus of more than 40 years, I’m preparing to introduce my adult son to the hobby, to round out his appreciation of firearms science. In the course of my preparations, I discovered that I cannot seem to find any contemporary references to the once popular practice of “topping off” incompletely filled cartridge cases with Fuller’s Earth, ostensibly to prevent the phenomenon which we still know as “Secondary Explosive Effect.” If adding Fuller’s Earth to partially filled cases is truly no longer done, can anyone tell me why not? In other words, after I left off reloading in 1970 to help defeat the Evil Empire, what happened next?

Thanx & best regards, Walt
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