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I took my .45 to the range today and shot the crap out of it. For some bizarre reason it had few nosedive feeding problems. I tried other friends magazines and one competition Chip McCormick mag but found they also produced the same problem. I'm convinced it's not my magazines now.

I did not try my new EGW mag latch as it doesn't fit properly and will return it to EGW and buy a new stock magazine latch to replace mine that appears to be worn. That may or may not be the problem but would like to eliminate that first since it seems to be missing metal where it contacts the magazine, possibly letting the mag drop down to low.

On the other hand, I'm not 100% sure and already mentioned this, but it seems that if I hold in the magazine release button as I insert the mag so there is no drag pushing it in, the round sits up higher where it should be and feeds okay.
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