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seeker two, the concern is that under pressure (competition for time, for instance... and oh by the way, Jammer Six, Jim Cirillo has been quoted as saying that during his actual shootouts, he didn't notice the pressure, but he felt a lot of pressure during "games") a shooter may put a finger on the trigger prematurely, despite knowing better.

This is why, even with experienced shooters, it's a good idea to move bystanders out of the potential arc.

Here's another thing to consider, with regard to crossdraw or shoulder rigs: People make a point of learning weapon retention techniques, for example thrusting the weak hand out to fend off an attacker, while taking a step back with the strong side foot, and keeping the gun near the torso. If using a crossdraw or shoulder rig, that same move means the gun is no longer facing aft when drawn, but somewhere between 9:30 and 11:00 for a right handed shooter. That's how I was taught to draw from such holsters, but I guess it's something that some instructors feel is just too dangerous to practice...

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