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Originally Posted by 45_auto
Sounds like a disaster in the making to me. But then I'm more of the Cooper school that it's impossible to do too many chamber checks.
Disaster? Not sure how its more likely to strike me, than anyone else who obeys the four rules. As far as chamber checks go, I wonder how many LEOs pull their service pistols out a hundred times a day to check the chamber, or CCW holders, or body guards, etc that do either. If you load one, check the chamber and put it in your holster, or lock in the safe only you can open, its going to stay loaded.

All the chambers of all my handguns are loaded right now. If I get one out to wear it, of course I'd check it, but I wouldn't be afraid to just stick it in my holster and go, or flip the thumb safety off and start firing. Cooper may have believed in gremlins, been paranoid, had bad short term memory, etc, I don't know, but I do know the loaded pistol I put in my holster loaded, will still be loaded 10 min later.

Its like my PM9 I carry, when I drop the slide and load the chamber, I check to make sure the chamber did load, then that the slide is in battery and magazine is seated. I then put it in its holster and it stays loaded all day long, all by itself.
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