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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to shoot a friend's Kahr PM9. He had just bought it and was experiencing some difficulties with it, so we went to the range to see what he was experiencing. Now, I've carried a Keltec P-11 for close to 15 years and have always been quite satisfied with it's reliability. The trigger pull, as many have noted, is difficult to master. I have not, but can shoot it well enough for close up, and it holds 10 rounds of +P 9mm. That's kept me loyal to it. However, when I shot my friend's PM9 and was putting repeated rounds into one ragged hole at 7 yards, a feat I've never managed with the P-11, well,brother, I was sold on it! Great trigger, sights that work for me, and superior mechanical qualities are there. The really important feature is how you managing shooting such a small pistol, whether it's a little semi-auto like a P-11, a PM9, or a 14 oz. S&W J-frame revolver. If it doesn't fit your hand, or your range of experience, you won't be satisfied with a little, hard-to shoot gun.
I've struggled for years to master my P-11, but shooting that PM9 convinced me to put some $$ down on another one they had there for sale, on consignment, in the shop. It belongs to an ex-DA who bought it about 7 years ago, and never shot it! So, now, I will enjoy....

P.S.: IMHO, finding the "right" pistol, especially a very small gun, is a very personal process, not without it's frustrations.

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