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Shotgun light dilemma. Why do they stick out so dang far??

So here's my dilemma. There are millions of different shotgun light mounts abound. Some big, some small, some cheap plastic, some CNC-machined rail-laden masterpieces to be had, integrated into the foregrip, what have you...

So, here's the question.
How come there aren't any low profile mounts? I have a 590A1 with an 18.5" barrel, and I carry it in a scabbard when it's used. However- any kind of shotgun mount that protrudes from the side of the gun will snag on the draw-holster, and sometime's I'll wear a backpack over it (surprisingly comfortable, oddly enough) and that mount will no longer make that pleasant. . Also, it having the short magazine tube, there's no purchase to mount a little quick-mount that hangs underneath, which I would be fine with... I have also seen the integrated foregrips, they just seem way too bulky and complex for their own good. I may end up with one, but I would prefer to have the light outside of the foregrip.

I remember someone mentioning this somewhere- adapting a mag tube extension that mounts a small integral light within (preferably a single CR123 with a HP LED). So that got me thinking- I have access to a lathe and welder, I can make the housing to mount such a light just fine- the problem is, I cannot find any sort of light that size that has some sort of push button, to either use it or have a pressure paddle that can override it, they all twist to turn on. However, I don't want to get too invested into it and find out it's not all that useful when you have to twist on this little flashlight up front through a little access slot, etc.

So- what would you recommend? Have any of you found a cool low-profile mount that you really like (or like the idea)? I would really love to NOT develop some intricate flashlight mechanism purely so I can carry the dang thing on my back instead of my shoulder
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