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Training, Target Identification, Fratricide

Had lunch with my VFD EMT BIL who told me of an unsual call he went on and asked if I had heard about it. He responded to a gun range for a shooting incident where one of the participants was shot 4 times by another participant in an apparent "accidental" shooting. He and I then chatted about the differences in accidents and negligents and ended up calling it fratricide.

Apparently, the shooter in a class at TDSA south of Dallas started a drill in the shoot house in low light without a light, at twilight. The shoot house was not clear before the drill started and the shooter, apparently knowing there were targets in the house, shot all the bad guys including one that was a living instructor who wasn't a target!!!

Here is all that I can dig up on this and I had not heard of it before speaking with my BIL. Does anyone else know more about the incident?

The account from the local newspaper is reprinted here...
You can go to the original source, but you have to pay to see the original story.

So it was apparently instructor on instructor fratricide. The information in the articles includes a lot of detail my BIL did not have, but the details that he provided me were repeated in the articles.
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