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Opening day of rifle season in souther zone

Day started out kind of slow sat in the stand from a little after 6am until 10am, as I was headed out of the woods for the morning I saw a deer jump up out of the brush and run into the middle of the logging road I was standing in. He stopped and I very quickly verified that he had antlers and at least 3 points on one side (I'm in one of those WMUs that antlered deer need 3 on one side to be legal). I tugged the trigger on the old 6.5x55 Swede and he flopped over backwards, dead right there.

A very respectable 5 pointer nice spread (I need to measure that and weigh him yet) shot at 10:20am.

This 6 point buck was shot by a friend at about 4:15pm, 4 hunters in our group and 2 bucks tagged. Looks like were batting 500. Tomorrow will be spent butchering and then Monday I'm back in the woods to try to fill doe tags or maybe whack a coyote on one of the gut piles.

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