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Just add a Ruger LCP in 380 Auto loaded with 88 grain Remington UMC JHP. I was against the LCP until I shot one and carried it around for a day. It is that good. Every (non-felon) person in America should have one. The LCP is a "go anywhere" gun and, because of it, there is no excuse for being unarmed anywhere unless prohibited by law.

The Glock 19, 26, J-Frame/SIG P938 and the LCP will cover all of your carry needs The 19 and 26 are belt guns, with the 26 being the more discrete of the two with a flat magazine. The J-Frame and P938 are about the same size and fill the same role as a compact pistol when wearing tighter clothing. The LCP is nearly impossible to beat for concealed carry on the belt or in the pocket.

I have had poor luck with the Kahr PM9. Two out of three were unreliable and the plastic frames cracked. Perhaps they addressed those issues in later revisions of the gun. If you can get one that works, you'll find it accurate and almost as concealable as an LCP.

However, at $300, the LCP beats the $600+ PM9 hands down.

LCP. Your pocket needs one.

I am already looking at buying a Glock 27 to step up to 40 cal soon, but I need to rent to make sure I like the recoil in the small package.
The recoil is not pleasant. My primary problem with the 27 and 33 is the development of carpal tunnel syndrome as the round count increases. The Glock 26 is about perfect for me and I see no need to change to a 27 or 33. Buy another 26, add night sights, and you'll be good to go for double fisted destruction in the Zombie Apocalypse!

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