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hey guys, been a while, sweet pawn shop find

Hey guys, havent posted here in a while, bought a car and been busy with it lately. Anyway my dad has always wanted some guns of his own, but he's never had the money for it. He recently inherited some money and decided he would put some aside to start his firearm collection. We went to a gun show a couple weeks ago, and he picked up a couple nice pieces. The first was a gun he's wanted ever since I can remember, a 1911. The second was one that I had my eye on, but also he was equally as interested in, a Heritage .22 revolver. Next on his list was a .357 mag revolver. He had settled on a taurus model 65 (finish reading the post, no taurus bashing!). he found a couple gun stores locally that showed them in stock. We went to each store today, and the result was the same "oh thats our warehouse, we have to order it in". at the second gun store, we found a really clean older taurus model (i think) 689, similar to a smith and wesson 586. we had the deal all put together, $400 OTD. AS my dad was filling out the papers, the manager came out and said "oh, we cant sell that one, it got a bid online". so we walked out, empty handed and pi$$ed off. there were a couple other gun stores nearby, so we headed for them. along the way, my dad spotted a small pawn shop with a sign that said "GUNS", so he told me to pull in there and check it out. They had a VERY small selection of handguns, and even smaller selection of revolvers. They had mostly single action cowboy guns, and we were just about to walk away, when i spotted the glint of the stainless steel hammer of a ruger service-six. I told the pawn guy to pull it out, and OMG this thing is in mint condition. bluing is excellent, lockup is tight, grips were excellent. price tag was $439 before tax. I asked if he could do any better. he took the gun and walked to the back, then came back a minute later and told us "$400 cash OTD, and ill throw in a case and a holster"

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