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I had a PPS and sold it to a co-worker. Very nice piece. Shot pretty well, just didn't 'sit' super well in my hand. I decided to try and new platform for me and went with Kahr. Bought a T-9 and love it, then got an MK-9. I love steel guns. The MK carries just as easily as the PPS. With a good belt, various handguns hardly matter. I carry appendix in a High Noon holster. Easy. Had my local smith stipple the front strap, put night sights on, and do an action job(on both Kahrs). SUPER sweet. Love the solid feel and simple design. Made here in the states is a big bonus as well.
Shield seems nice as well. It's all good in the long run. I have run a lot of different platforms. Love to dive in and devote myself to training.
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