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45 colt ?s

Anyone hunt deer with a 4 3/4 model P in 45 colt? I have a bunch (1000 or so) 250 grain hornady xtp lev. moving at about 870 fps I've been practicing with all year. Never hunted deer with a handgun before...this has mostly been a target puncher and carry pistol for varmint control at my folks place when out and around/in the barns. While very accurate with it out to 30 yards..not sure if it has the balls for the job. I'm not one of "those guys" that will take ANY shot just to hit something and then track it for an hour, clean kills only for me, so I'd like some input.

<EDIT> also...from what I understand the property we will be hunting is pretty dense woods, not much scrub and undergrowth...just trees. Most if not all deer my buddy has taken there over the years have been well within 40 yards. his last one was right at 20.

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