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Springfield 1911-A1

I know, it's sacrilege, but the gun that grew on me was a 1911, and it just happened a couple of weeks ago. I just recently returned from a 4 day training course and I decided to take my 1911 to once and for all put to rest whether I was going to sell it or not. I had purchased it largely on the writings of Jeff Cooper (who by the way was another gun thing that grew on me - hated him when I first started reading G&A but now I couldn't imagine the gun world without him) Anyway, on casual range trips, I liked the way the 1911 shot, but didn't think it would be at all handy in a gun fight. That all changed after my 4 day training course. With a couple of exceptions I wound up really liking the 1911. My suspicions were confirmed just this last week when I went to the range and fired a couple of my other guns including my beloved Sig. To my horror, my Sig felt almost foreign to me after training with the 1911. Now of course, if I train again with my Sig, we will probably get comfy again, but the point is, the 1911 stays.
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