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From PT-92:

I want to preface this statement by first stating that I am a big-time fan of the .22lr for so many reasons and even do not categorically discount it as a SD caliber in certain circumstances (for that matter, I often carry a Bobcat 21A as a BUG mostly because I haven't picked up a .380 yet).

But I have to say that there is absolutely no empirical data available for the continued "old-wives-tale" and seemingly perpetual myth that the .22lr caliber is responsible for more (recorded) deaths than any other caliber. Again I ask (plead) for a LINK to the empirical data that speaks to such. I, and as far as I know at least up until now, no one, has been able to produce said data--it's my belief that's because it's not true.

I get where the "belief" comes from in that the .22lr is very $cheap$ in all respects from the guns to ammo and, hence, it's quite popular in the inner-cities where the crime rates are "Beirut" like sky-rocketing (no, I don't buy the Feds stats that purport otherwise anymore than I buy their "shrinking unemployment" data).

Sorry if I went off on a tangent but I would really like to see the data that proves me wrong--otherwise it's time we put the "myth" to bed, if you will.


Okay, here are some links:

Now granted, I couldn't find "official" stats like from some government form, but in the first link the source claims he is a retired sheriff deputy, and I guess he can do a better job than me researching the FBI site statistics. And on the form he's on he's a senior member and has over 12,000 posts to his credit.

The other links are from The Truth About Guns site, and Buckeye Firearms. I don 't know how credible they are, but in both articles they offer some very interesting information.

The most interesting stat I think is number of rounds by caliber required for incapacitation. Don't hate on me, I'm just relaying the message. The reports say the 22 caliber has the lowest number of hits needed aside from a 12 gauge shotgun.
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