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I understand your points

barstool, would've she didn't have a gun in the first place and he beat them both to death with his bare hands? Would've it jammed and she didn't have a backup gun, or would've he was on pcp and she ran out of bullets for whatever reason and didn't have a reload? I'm not trying to be funny. Maybe sometime she'll decide to carry your way and have a negligent discharge. Don't get me wrong, I carry my CCW fully loaded. I am just saying it still is a free country, and this woman might want to do things her way. There are plenty of people who leave their CCW home when they go out(many have admitted it on this forum). I give her credit because she he had a firearm on her, and using her CCW protected her and her son that day(100% speculation...but there is no way to know what would've happened if she had no firearm...I believe that scenario is extremely dangerous but that is a personal opinion). This guy might've been a child molester; for some reason he thought it was ok to ask her to watch like she might enjoy it or something.
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