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pocket carry is an accident waiting to happen
What a ridiculous statement. Pocket carry with a good holster that covers the trigger, and the appropriate handgun, is as safe, as any other method of carry.

You will find the LC9 too big for comfortable pocket carry. I like a good snub nosed revolver with an enclosed, or shrouded hammer. I carry a Smith & Wesson 638. The LCR is also a good choice. Taurus makes a 9mm snub nosed revolver that is a good choice, but a little heavy. I like to keep my pocket rockets at 15 oz max. The small autoloaders are good, but can be hard to grip, and control under recoil. For me, a revolver is easier to control. Consider suspenders under your shirt if you dont like a belt. Even the small weapons will drag your pocket down without a belt or suspenders.
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