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That's where we differ. I firmly believe that if someone is not going to get training and learn to use a weapon then buying a gun is the worst thing they could do. No gun is a magic wand. and it's just too easy to take one away from someone with no training and especially if they are slow to use it. I say find time to take her out and get her interested in shooting then find her a gun that she will actually enjoy using. A .22 pistol that she is willing to use will beat the shotgun she's afraid of.
She can learn to use it and fire it in the backyard a few times for starters. She'll have a better chance if the SHTF at 3am with the shotgun rather than the handgun.If she is a responsible woman, I have no problem with her having a firearm in the home for HomeDefense even if she isn't too good with firearms. Lack of training becomes more important if she had one for CCW. That being said, please don't misinterpret what I said as training isn't important. I am NOT recommending she buy a firearm and not know anything about it andor how to use it. She definitely needs to use a it a couple times at least for starters and to know how to operate it safely(before, during, and after use). She should be able to do this if she is serious about purchasing a shotgun for home defense/self defense. Also, my opinions in this thread are directed specifically for this case only(as every situation can be unique).
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