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30-40 Kreg Christmas Present

Been looking for a "good" Kreg for a long time, but I don't want junk, I don't want modified, I don't want a cut down rifle.

Well today I found the best, nicest 1898 Kreg 30-40 Rifle I've ever seen. NO modifications, not drilled and tapped, no buggered screws, Old but 100% original.

Problem was (I thought), its not for sale, GS owner had it in the back and was showing my wife what to look for in a Kreg. Said he wouldn't sell it, wouldn't put a price on it. I didn't care about the price, I wanted the gun.........NOPE. Its not for sale.

I've never seen a nicer Kreg.

So I go away pouting, later to find out wifey went back in and talked the guy out of the rifle..........BUT.......its gonna be a Christmas Present.

Hate to see what she paid for it......I bet I would have had to pay more.

So come Christmas I'll post pictures. Now to gather up some reloading gear for a 30-40.
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