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I was contemplating taking this to email, but I'll try to keep it brief and to the point.

Choke2U, You're absolutely right, we could sit here and make this one more dick waving contest about who is more experienced, knows more people, which style is more proven ect. There is enough of that b.s. on and off the internet as it is. I'll leave that to the amateurs. I'm not going to address the fighting aspects of your posts. If that really concerns you, email me and I'll talk to you about it later. I'll even extend an invitation to you to work with my teacher, or at my MT gym here in L.A. should you visit.

At the end of your post you claimed to have joined the discussion "not to offend anyone", which, seemed to talk a lot of $%^% about Krav Maga and I'm left wondering why ? Because of a video ? Look, I've seen some pretty bogus BJJ videos too, should I dismiss it as well ? Its all part of the martial arts business, and you should know that better than anyone else here.

Look, I don't know who from KM in L.A. approached you, but maybe before you respond you should get in touch with Beverly Hills JJ academy, or Ricksons place in the Palisades to get the info on the KM school before you comment. They should know better than anyone because like I said in my earlier posts, they interact on a regular basis with the KM school on Century Blvd. I know from the guys I have worked with and all the professionals who have dealt with this school say that they are fundamentally sound. And this is from working with them on a first hand basis, not watching videos. Thats the end of the discusion on my end for now. I'm sick, tired, and don't have any more energy to devote to this.
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