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I went by Wally World this evening and bought a cheap Bushnell .22 scope. Its a fixed 4x32. The rifle came with a polished aluminum 3/4 tube but I just cant get into small tubes unless they're a couple of feet long. I think a matching scope is a lil too much anyway. I like the contrast between stainless and painted. I'll have to get off my butt and shoot a piece of paper but just piddling around shooting at a bullet hole puts them all in the same hole at 25 yards. The best part is it was on sale for 29.00. I looked at a couple of others with variable power and adjustable objectives, but 4X is all you really need for a .22. Also they were all for high powered rifles and I've heard countless stories about high power scopes not holding up to the different recoil of a 22. I know I have an older Bushnell on a Marlin model 25 and I have to adjust it every time I take it out but it was an old scope when I put it on so I cant say. Besides if I had gotten one of those I'd have to buy rings too.

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