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okiecruffler, nobody an argue that trigger time and practice helps a lot but lets be realistic: not everyone does this. This doesn't make you any less than 100% correct...I am just saying Granny is gonna do what she wants to do period(Granny as an example here). if he gets her a doublebarreled shotgun and she learns to use it, they come up with a plan, then she should be able to use this to protect her home. I hate to see her decide not to get it or just buy a handgun for the drawer. The shotgun can be a lifesaver for her. That is why i offered that type of shotgun besides a pump as a possibility...believe it or not people do forget stuff(because they don't train enough), and i think she can be comfortable with the shotgun. I also feel she is better protected with it then a handgun(my opinion in this situation), but what she leaves the gunstore with is her choice.
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