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Writing articles

Gaerek - I write for gun magazines. They pay around $100-150 per page. Unless you're famous or well-known, of course. For that amount of money, I have to script the article, provide the weapon/scenario; acquire the model replete with release, shoot the photos - no phone cameras need apply. I use a high-end Nikon digital SLR. Then I have to write 1500-1700 words, re-write as necessary; send in the completed, checked article and wait up to 5 months to get paid (if the article is used).

One of my last articles was for Smithsonian's Air and Space Magazine, and it had to undergo intense scrutiny for accuracy.

However, there are very few editors,or writers who can spend $1k/hour on a photographer or buy many photos through a Stock photography company.

Therefore, you pretty much get what the author can do. Some of my Africa Safari articles had to use the best photos myself and my highly-paid photographer could get ($0.00 spent - my wife shot the photos). It can cost over $5k to have a photog/videographer go on a safari. Takes a whole lot of $100-per-page to cover the cost. I call gun writing "professional starvation".
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