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the need for new and more powerful cartridges is a marketing hoax. Animals can still be taken cleanly with such old standbys such as:
I don't disagree with this statement, but if inventors hadn't kept trying new stuff we'd still be hunting with match locks, longbows or even spears. I can see ancient cavemen sitting around a campfire discussing merits of the speed of an arrow vs the greater mass of a spear. I'm sure the discussions were very much like TFL forums. I'm sure there were many who claimed that a real hunter would get close and use a spear instead of sniping them at long range with arrows.

Technology advancements come in small steps with more failures than success. That is true of any product. Just because a product fails to capture a large market share does not mean it is a bad idea. Sometimes it just takes time. The 30-30 was not an instant success, nor the 270. The 270 had been available for 25 years and was selling so poorly that Winchester seriously considered dropping the round. It only gained any success after O'Connor started writing about it. Many scoff at the WSM lineup, but they have only been available for 12 years. In those 12 years the 300 WSM in particular has been a much better seller than most others in the 1st 12 years of production.
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