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308 neck sizing / coal question

Just reloaded a batch of 308 rounds that were neck sized for my bolt gun and noticed an issue with the COAL. The casings in question are once fired Lapua that I Full Length resized for the first reload so I could fire form them to my chmaber. When I reloaded them using the Full Length I seated the bullets at 2.800 which I understand that it will vary +/- .005 depending on the tip of the bullet it self. Now that I neck sized the same casings and loaded them up......I noticed that the COAL is 2.808-2.817. Is it possible that I have to re-adjust my seating die now that I'm Neck Sizing???? I double checked my seating die using a dummy round that measured 2.800 and it was right on the dot. Kinda new to the whole neck sizing thing so any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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