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Also, if there is ANYTHING in your life that has ever caused you stress (and that can include the death of your beloved Grandma when you were 8, for example), AND there is ANYTHING in your life (attitude, social behavior, physical appearance, etc...) that falls even a tiny bit outside what the evaluator considers "normal", AND taking no account of whether or not this "abnormality" is in any way harmful to anyone, you can be classed as "suffering from PTSD".

To give an extreme example, if you are a veteran (because after all, ANY military service, ever is stressful) and you didn't vote for Obama (which, clearly any and every safe and sane person would have done), then, in the evaluators opinion, you are a dangerously stressed PTSD "victim" and should NEVER have ANY access to ANY dangerous weapon. Sharp kitchen knives and matches included!

Without meaning to paint all with the same broad brush, there ARE people in the mental health industry with their own biases and agendas. If you happen get into a situation where one of them is your "evaluator", you can be in for a lot of trouble, no matter who you are, or what you have, or have not done.
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