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Have you considered any Kahr products?
For comparison I have copied and pasted the specs of the LC9, the PM9 and the PM40.
I own the PM40 and it is a fine value. It has a nice trigger action, although I really prefer a shorter pull. But as a compromise of size, reliability and power I find it excellent.

Thinness is a major factor in concealability of a handgun. The LC9, of these three, is the thinnest; but it also has the greatest height and length.

Ruger LC9 9 x 19mm
Frame: Glass Filled Nylon
MSRP: $443
Operation: DA; Slide Lock;
Manual Safety
Capacity: 7 +1
Barrel/Overall Length: 3.09/5.89”
Height: 4.5”
Width: 1.0”
Weight Empty: 17.2 oz.
Weight Fully Loaded: 20 oz.

Kahr PM9 9 x 19 mm
Frame: Polymer
CM9093 Matte SS Slide $565
Operation: DAO, Slide Catch
Capacity: 6 +1
Barrel/Overall Length: 3.0/5.68”
Height: 4.2”
Width: 1.08”
Weight Empty: 16.9 oz.
Weight Fully Loaded: 20 oz.

Kahr PM40 .40 S&W
Frame: Polymer
PM4043 Matte SS Slide $786
Operation: DAO, Slide Catch
Capacity: 5 +1
Barrel/Overall Length: 3.0/5.65”
Height: 4.3”
Width: 1.10”
Weight Empty 18.5 oz
Weight Fully Loaded: 23 oz.

These specs were found at the following link:
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