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"The 357 in 180 & the 10 in 220 - when loaded to Double Tap specs (loaded as God intended), they have similar penetration and SD (I show the 10mm with a higher SD - not sure how my math jibes with the others here).*"
Well, your math is wrong, sorry. You are failing to properly calculate the SD. Simple math. Double Tap exaggerates their performance data so I would pick the opposite of your concept as who intends what. Double Tap specs are a joke, do a search. Buffalo Bore and Underwood are clearly the best choices if someone want to spend top dollar for their ammunition. Buffalo Bore and Underwood publish accurate data, and Buffalo Bore has approximately four specific chronograph data results from four different firearms for most every product. I would go with Cor-Bon ahead of Double [email protected]
.357, better SD (180 grain .357 vs. 220 grain 10mm), better penetration, and more energy from factory firearms. They are close and either would work fine.

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