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garbage (literally) product warning.

I usually buy big packs of 3" patches & cut them to clean smaller bores. Every time I've bought "bulk packs of 3" patches" thats what I have recieved a big dollop of 3" square cotton fabric squares.

Until today!

I picked up several of the "Winchester" brand "200 X3" bulk cleaning patches" from Wally World & discovered to my horror the ziplocs are filled with literally trash fabric trimmings. Probably 70% of the small, randomly shaped, offcuts could not be made into a 1 1/2" patch, much less a 2" or 3"one.

The smaller patch size packs seem to contain normal patches, but all the 3" ones in 2 stores were literally bags of ripped, randomly shaped small rags for $6.00.

Buyer beware, check the contents before buying FRom now on I'llstick to my old time favourite fron the Southern Bloomer Mfg. Co. more patches that are actually patches for 2/3 rds of the price.
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