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FWIW I've shot 165 Gr Sierra Game King hunting bullets @ 2650 measured FPS into a stack of those 5-liter wine boxes refilled with water at 100yds. The boxes were broadside on & taped together tightly. The effects were to say the least spectacular.

The first 2 boxes were utterly destroyed, the spray shot out over about a 12' circle & the push-fit plugs were shot 15~25 feet into the air.

The next 3 were ripped to shreds & when examined later had both internal bladders shredded & split. The plugs were thrown several feet as the water exploded.

The effects after that dropped off sharply with the majority of the bullet stopping in a "lump" in the 9th box. There were some minor recovered fragments of jacket & lead in the 7th, & 8th boxes.

I know water isn't a real good substitute for flesh & bone, but I'd bet any creature struck by something that did that would drop like the end of the world.
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