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1. How much can you spare to spend? (Equipment has a price. The amount you can truly afford to spend makes a huge difference in what we would suggest.)

A: an honest answer is the $300 for that kit mentioned previously is right at the upper edge of what i can afford right now, however i can save for a few more months and possibly have 3-400 more to spend

2. How much space do you have to dedicate? (This is a huge factor in equipment choices as well.)

A:i have a 3 bedroom 900sq ft house, the room i have chosen for this is 10X10 and used to be my stepdaughters room, it is completely empty sans my antique upright piano, I can build a reloading bench if i had an idea as to dimensions

3. How much time can you invest? (You have loaded before from what you stated though it was 30 years ago. You may remember that distraction free time is imperative to reloading.)

A:time is not an issue, i dont own a tv, and when i get online its at my local public library, my main distraction will be my beagles, the radio, and dinner

4. What are you going to reload for as far a calibers?
A: 30/30, .300win mag, .223(for an ar type rifle),7.62X54r, and 30/40 krag

5. What are you looking for your ammo to do? (Huge difference in super accurate rifle loads to pick gnat poo out pepper at a half mile, and go bang ever time, and hit pop cans when having fun rounds?

A: 30/30 to put food on the table, longest shot is MABY 100yds
.223, want it to go bang, hit a pop can or smaller, and dispatch the local coyote population
7.62X54R, 30/40 krag, just pretty much to go bang
.300 win mag, the load that is worked up using a 208gr berger will shoot gnat poop at 100yds, i want to extend the range out as far as im comfortable,(i have 1700yds before the field ends and the woods begins) to eventually go elk hunting, but i need to practice...alot
336cs 30/30,1916 mosin 7.62x54r,savage 270,rem 700 sendero.300win mag., 1846 harpers ferry, ar .223 marlin model 60 .22, m1 garand, riverside arms16ga double
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