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1 scope, multiple bullet weights

Throwing myself on the mercy of the forum here. I'm not new to guns at all but am basically new to scopes. Will try to be very specific here. Your help is much appreciated.

Have this scope.

It's designed for 200 zero with 55 grain bullets, then it has hold over marks for other ranges. OK, I get that.

What I need to know is how to use this scope. I have the Nikon Spot On app that gives me the different hold overs for different bullets. I understand that. I've read the manuals that came with it. What I'm trying to figure out follows:

It has zero reset turrets. So after zeroing for 200 yards with the 55 grain bullets, am I to then lift the turret and place the marks on 0? Then this allows me to then zero for say a 77 grain bullet. Then return to 0 mark for my original 55 grain bullet?

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