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Wanted: advice on pocket pistols

Hey fellas,
I've been carrying and shooting for a while. I've got several excellent carry weapons, including a 1911, a G19, and a few smaller guns, all of which are too large to pocket-carry. I live/work in an area that is extremely unfriendly to carry, and i want to diversify my stable, so I'm looking at some guns for pocket carry. I am entirely undecided, except that it must be pocketable, and I would prefer 9mm or .38. Here are the weapons I am considering, and my current thoughts on each.

Ruger LCR - feels great in my hands, gets great reviews, and is within my price range and just barely pocketable. Obvious downsides are that it is bigish for pocket carry, you only get 5 shots, and reloading is slower.

Ruger LCP - I've never held one, but I suspect it is not a great fit for my hands. Downside is the cartridge, both because of lethality and cost of practicing. But it is definitely pocketable in any of my pants.

Ruger LC9 - feels a bit too skinny in my hands IIRC. But it is magazine-fed, comes in my preferred caliber, and gets solid reviews.

I am also considering the Keltec PF9, the keltec .380, and others. But that gives you an idea of my price range and what I've got in mind. I'm leaning towards the LCR, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these options.

What I would like is for the pocket carry folks to chime in on their experiences with these weapons, your other suggestions, and anything else that comes to mind. If it is relevant, I am a big dude, I typically wear khakis, slacks, or jeans, and I am committed to the pocket carry idea, at least for this particular purchase.

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