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Here are a few questions that can help us to help you.

1. How much can you spare to spend? (Equipment has a price. The amount you can truly afford to spend makes a huge difference in what we would suggest.)

2. How much space do you have to dedicate? (This is a huge factor in equipment choices as well.)

3. How much time can you invest? (You have loaded before from what you stated though it was 30 years ago. You may remember that distraction free time is imperative to reloading.)

4. What are you going to reload for as far a calibers?

5. What are you looking for your ammo to do? (Huge difference in super accurate rifle loads to pick gnat poo out pepper at a half mile, and go bang ever time, and hit pop cans when having fun rounds?

Ok now that asked and said.

I would suggest buying a reloading manual. Lyman 49 th has a great first section that details the loading practices, of the what, how to, and why for each step. Most of the manuals have some form of this in them.

ABC's of Reloading is good for information on the steps, and the hows. Think of it like this.

Lyman is like the Betty Crocker cook book with a section at the first detailing some of the steps, and processes of things you will do while cooking, and what ingredients do what. With most of it dedicated to recipies.

ABC's of Reloading is like the Cooking for Dummies book with a good bit of content dedicated to the processes involved in cooking. Very little for recipies.
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