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“I'm not absolutely sure what F Guffey just said”

forgive, I did not assume anyone on this forum knew what a Handi rifle was, so, I posted a link, I did not assume those that were/are familiar with the Handi rifle knew there were reviews not written by the manufacturer of the Handi rifle. I do not have a Handi rifle, but if I did I would treat the rifle like I treat chamber gages and Wilson case gages and other stuff I make, before I got to the range and while reloading I would use the open rifle like a chamber gage, anything that would not chamber while reloading will not chamber at the range, I would not wait until I completed loading 200 rounds before I checked the reloads for their ability to be chambered.

Part of the response was a quote from the link, the quote was confusing, in my opinion, I am the fan of putting parts together that have rigidity, to me there seems to be a problem with making something like a rifle that is ridged when there is a gap between the breach and barrel, again, I am in favor of surrounding the chamber, barrel and bolt with a receiver, not against the Handi rifle but if I was loading for the Handi I would not entertain the ideal the design was as strong as other designs. And, if I had one I would use a feeler gage to check the gap between the breach face and the barrel, back to reviews, if other designs flex when fired it is possible the Handi rifle flexes, if the Handi flexes it is possible the action does not have enough ‘snap back’ ‘jump back’ to return the case to fired condition, as in easy extraction because of the memory built into the design of the case. Then there is that part where a case is not fully grown until it has been fired 5 times.

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