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Just be cautious on selecting a scale that will only read to 0.2 / most of them are plus or minus 0.1 ( so its kind of the same thing ) unless you meant + or - 0.2 which would be a lot.....

There are a lot of handgun recipes ...where the Minimum and Maximum are only 0.4 grain apart....

that's why I like the Denver Instruments scale you know exactly where you are ....while the PACT scales are quicker / they're less precice...and by the way, last I knew, most all of the big name electronic scales ( for Dillon, RCBS, etc ) were being made by PACT anyway..../ the Denver instruments scale will tell you to + or - 0.02gr ...../ making it nice to know when you're between 4.2 and 4.3 are you on the low side or the high side....
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