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For .223 Rem fired out of a bolt action I tried the same head stamp sorting by weight, and water capacity. Also deburring, and uniforming flash holes, uniforming primer pockets, trimming to the same length, and weighing bullets. Finances did not allow for me to get into neck turning. I would have tried that as well.

End results were the fact that I could tell not tell the difference from mixed head stamp that I weighed every charge, and just deburred the flash hole.

I prefer to get a load that gives me good groups with any head stamp. Then just spend more time working on my shooting.

The principals of good shooting are the same regardless of the round used. I prefer to make real good arrows, use a good bow. Then work on the not so good Indian that is shooting them.

Spending time at the range, working on my shooting has done more for my accuracy than any form of loading practices that I have done so far in the past 3 years.
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