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“You don't even have to weigh powder charges to get 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards from top quality rifles; benchresters don't weigh their charges for ranges 300 yards and less”

Again, A friend went to the range with a new creation, he chambered a round, pulled the trigger then waked down the range about 20’, picked up his barrel, returned to the bench, loaded everything related to guns and reloading then drove back to his shop. Reloading is a discipline “You don’t even have to weigh charges to get 1/4 inch groups etc..” Then bench resters, again.


It is not easy to distinguish a bench rester from someone in the claims department, I have participated on a few of the ‘bench rester forums’, if they are bench resters on a bench rester forum why are they so easy to be driven to the curb, all that is necessary to ‘LOCK THEM UP” is to disagree with them, my question (?) : Why is it so easy to drive them to the curb and or lock them up if they have confidence? Do-nuts, the dreaded do-nut, I make do-nuts, I expect do-nuts, do-nuts do not lock me up, I have tools, when making do-nuts I do not start until I ‘dig’ out my tools, strange? the do-nuts that I create when reloading/forming/shooting are not the same do-nuts bench resters have to deal with. It is though if they do not look at ‘it’, ‘it’ does not exist.

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