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Just a word of warning with the leverevolution rounds, i got my first deer in over 20 years last weekend, using a 336cs 30/30 and the 160gr leverloutions, be VERY careful with shot placement, staight on shot from a stand,bullet went thru her neck, went into her back, severed the spine and exited along the inside of the right rear leg, bullet did everything right, she was dead before she hit the ground,but it destroyed alot of meat and looked like her intestines were hit with a blender. dug the bullet out of the ground, its a pretty mushroom, dont have a scale to find out weight retention. but there was a rather large exit wound. she weighed roughly 90lbs and the shot was 60 yds
336cs 30/30,1916 mosin 7.62x54r,savage 270,rem 700 sendero.300win mag., 1846 harpers ferry, ar .223 marlin model 60 .22, m1 garand, riverside arms16ga double
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