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If I had a two-story house, I think I might tend to want to defend the stairs, assuming you have at least concealment ... a bright light and an accurate weapon also are key ... we live in a one-story house with a door leading from our bedroom to our patio ... the backyard is fenced and the gates are locked ... but that means I have two avenues to defend ... the bedroom door leads into a short hallway which passes the bathroom, and the bed is set in such a way that I can use it for concealment for an attack from the hallway or the back door ... my wife has our bedroom cellfone and pepper spray (she's not much of a gunner) and can also hide behind the bed ... One thing I was taught was that you gain an advantage if you're dealing with your attacker from someplace he doesn't expect you to be ... I dry-fire lying on my side, facing the hallway and with a good angle on the back door ... most people assume they will be facing a vertical opponent, and firing from a low angle, I think, gives me the advantage in the early seconds of any attack ...]
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