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I bought my Springfield 1903 a few years ago,long before I had heard about less than 800000 problems. Learned about the problem,checked my serial number,and no worries....or maybe not. I have serial 152xxxx, Springfield Armory. Barrel has flaming ball with 10-13 stamped on it. The "1" in the millions place has always seemed differently spaced than the other six.So i look up the number 152xxxx, it was made around '39.Then i looked up 52xxxx,1912.Seems like a 1913 barrel with a 1912 action is a more likely pair than a 1939 action with a 1913 barrel. I will try and get pics up.Anyone ever experienced falsified springfield serial numbers before. I hope this aint what I think..... a 650$ dust collector,already got burned once with 93 mauser in .243. Had I joined these forums then bought I could've avoided this.I wish I could type a few cuss words now. BTW I have countless rounds fired thru the Springfield. Ignorance is bliss.Thoughts???
First its almost a certainty that the serial number was altered. Depth of punch, alignment all are different and that is not seen on Springfield.

I am sending you a picture of what a good one looks like though the picture is not the best.

I will the link to a CMP member and get his take.

The firing gives some confidence as does the age of the gun. Use good name brand ammo and if you re-load, use good brass. The receiver failure is due to gas escape not pressure which is taken by the barrel.

Also if reload do not use low loads. Something in the mid range that ensures a good pressure seal on the brass.

The only reason to change the serial is to get a low number receiver out of the heat treat range so questions are not raised though in turn its dumb to leave the barrel as is.

While I am personally not a proponent of the fear of the low number receivers, having someone punch stamps into one raises a question I cannot answer. Keep in mind most were just fine and took proof firings just fine.

I.e. does it impinge on the receiver as it was not done in the same manner and with same force as the original. Did they stamp the serial in before heat treating? If so post heat treat stamp would be ?

And while its is possible to get a 1913 barrel on a newer receiver, it is extremely unlikely for it to occur.

Thsoe early barrels were used up al ong tiem prior and you will see post, but very few pre and certianly not that kind of a strech.

You rarely see it go that wide a gap, and far more likely a readily available WWII barrel. Ergo, it looks like a deliberate deceit.

Any idea what condition the barrel is in? A gunsmith with the right gauge can tell you how the boar and throat look wear wise.
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