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"I was left wondering what all the hype was about"

What hype? Your bias is showing.

"So, what am I missing?..."

Experience? Perspective? History? Maybe you should try shooting 6 boxes through each gun, or 6 cases, and get a feel for them.

Fwiw, the Python was designed for target shooting, and I don't mean DA run and gun games like people play today.

It really is impossible to compare two gun models accurately on the basis of single samples because of gun to gun variation. For instance, I bought a NIb 4" Ruger Police Service Six in 1985 and it came with a trigger pull so fine that owners of tuned S&Ws marvel at it and ask who did the work. I bought a Wolff reduced pull spring kit for it once for the heck of it and the pull got heavier - out it went.

I am a bit surprised you couldn't tell a difference between the trigger on the Python and the one on the Anaconda because they aren't the same design.

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