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basic reloading questions

Gentlemen (& Ladies)

I have been reading this forum for awhile, and have read the sticky concerning reloading basics and equipment several times, however im having an issue with something, INFORMATION OVERLOAD, i have requested my local library to get a copy of the abcs of reloading before i go any further.

That being said, is there a kit out there that has all the basics in it that i can save for? i understand all the dies for differant calibers will have to be purchased seperatly.

i am not really concerned about cranking out hundreds of rounds, i want to do this 1 step at a time, the last time i reloaded was 1982 and i had an rcbs that i had to change the dies on for each step, are those still in existance?

I will not be loading more than 1-200 rounds per month, and probably less than that, the calibers i will be reloading for are .223, 30/30,.300 win mag. 30/40 krag and possibly 7.62X54r, my friend that reloads for my .300 for me is moving, he has given me the load data for that rifle, and it was worked up for that rifle, so its now up to me

things sure have changed since the last time i reloaded in for my 30/30 in 1982!

I appreciate your patince in dealing with me and my questions, im not the sharpest tool in the shed, but this is something i want to do. correctly.
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