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Panfisher, Im saying it does come apart., the jacket will peel off and it frags. But the biggest part of the core still will travel on for some ways through typical household material. Im not sure if it is because the harder wood, boards etc, deform the HP and will not allow it to rupture correctly like soft flesh and meat will or because it key hols faster not giving the open cavity really anything to work against. I just dont know why, But I have seen that a varmint and matchking HPs cores still go through through more the inside walls.

the ballistic tips frag very, very fast. and just a few pieces of tiny fragmentation will make it through the obstacle. I would not want to get hit with that either. but it does not seem to be enough to put kills you. Anything can happen of course, but it in some cases would not go all the way through the cardboard target
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