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Update from OP

I went and got a semi auto for the trail. Sig P250 subcompact in 9 mm. I chose it because it is light, reliable, great grip feel. Snake shot rounds cycle the action every time. It was a great price at my local PX. Here's the downside... It's not a revolver. I got the fever and snatched it up because it cost less than the revolvers I wanted. I had it so bad I SOLD MY 1911 to get the money I should have just gotten a shoulder holster for the GP 100 or the 1911. I miss the .45. I claim temporary insanity.

BTW, 9 mm shotshells work fine on rattlers. Recently I had one on the back porch and shot it with the 12 ga., but he wouldn't stop trying to strike even with his guts blown out so I grabbed the Sig and finished him off. I could have just waited, but the dogs were going crazy. Besides, I hate rattlers anyway.
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