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Bart,my results were with 6 different rifles, 3 in 308 Win, and 3 in 30-06, never once could I match the velocity of the 30-06 load with the 308 Win, I ran into pressure problems before I could reach 2900fps with the 150 grain bullet in the 308.
That happens all the time when using barrels of the same (or within an inch or two] length. There was never any objective in the development of the 7.62 NATO and .308 Win. round to equal the velocity of a .30-06 for a given bullet weigh or barrel length. Close was good enough.

What about your comment:
Now when both are loaded to standard military specs,they're pretty much equal,however,the 308 is close to max,where as the 30-06 is downloaded.
Please explain your reasoning on this.
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