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Help force the Whitehouse to take a position on an AWB

Unlike most online petitions that are completely useless, this one has potential to force the Obama administration to release a statement on an AWB. If it hits 25000 signatures, they say they will release a statement on the issue.

The text is:

Do NOT Reinstate the Federal "Assault Weapons Ban" of 1994

Veto any attempt to reinstate the Federal "Assault Weapons Ban." The crime rate involving such firearms has not risen since the original ban expired in 2004. Reinstating the ban would harm the individual right to keep and bear arms as outlined in the United States Constitution and only affect law-abiding citizens who purchase such firearms legally for peaceful purposes such as sport, hunting, and home defense.

Banning such firearms on the ground that "nobody needs an Assault Weapon" is unjust. The right to own these firearms is outlined in the Bill of Rights... Not the Bill of Needs.
It is currently at 5433 signatures. Of note, I didn't write this and I'm sure it could have been written more cleanly. does require you to give your Name, Zip and email address to sign a petition.
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