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Bart,my results were with 6 different rifles,3 in 308 Win,and 3 in 30-06,never once could I match the velocity of the 30-06 load with the 308 Win,I ran into pressure problems before I could reach 2900fps with the 150 grain bullet in the 308.

I was using IMR 4320,IMR 4064 and W760,CCI 200 primers,even tried Winchester LR primers in both the 308 and 30-06,the 06 always posted considerably higher velocities than did the 308,and that was with the 6 rifles,so I don't know.

So for me,I'm sticking with the 30-06,as it always has worked well for me.I got rid of all the 308 Win rifles I owned.
I appreciate your input as well as others' input on the subject.
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